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How to use Pinterest Pins for Event Planning

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 03 Dec 2013
  • 4 min read

Over the last 18 months there has been a surge in the people using Pinterest as well as a change in the way people use it, (Pinterest is that handy photo sharing platform). This has seen far more people using Pinterest as a way of planning where they want to go and what  they want to see.

So the nice chaps at Pinterest decided to launch a new feature to really focus on the benefits of using Pinterest for travel inspiration. They launched it at the end of November and gave the new option the name: Place Pins.

How can Place Pins be used for events?

According to Pinterest, Place Pins are all about giving you the feel of how a travel magazine is laid out with the benefit of an online map. you might be thinking “if this is all about travel, what’s it got to do with events?” Bear with me here! There are some serious benefits to the events industry in using this functionality. If you think about it, a venue is physical location much in the same way the Eiffel Tower is (like Blackpool Tower but a bit bigger). As an event promoter you’re likely to use venues you’ve had successes with in the past, no all you need to do is use Place Pins to showcase all your favourite venues.

Using Place Pins starts to get quite interesting once you’ve put a few events on and you’ve started to collect data about what works and what doesn’t, the physical locations of the venues can have a very real impact on how successful your events are. Also, you can use Place Pins as a way to map out where your suppliers are (especially if you’re used to working with lots of different people in lots of different areas of the country). These can be especially interest for those more spatially orientated event promoters as with the overview that Pinterest offers could be an extremely useful tool to seeing what’s going on.

What types of Pinterest Pins could be useful for the events industry?

Using Pinterest in it’s original guise is still a great way to come up with a mood board for your event which may help you create a direction and theme for the event, however Pinterest has come a long way since it was launched.

This is the fourth major Pin-type announced by Pinterest this year – and all of those pins could be useful for the creative event promoter! They’ve already added Recipe Pins that include ingredients and directions with a photo of food, Product Pins that include details like price and availability of the pinned item, and Article Pins where users share news stories on their pinboards.

As this social media platform continues to grow it’s essential to make sure you’re using it to promote your events and you need to be keeping abreast of the new development available through this service (early adopters will be rewarded!).

Be sure to add links back to your events on Skiddle to guarantee the maximum number of opportunities for ticket sales. If you’ve not already got your events listed head over to the Promotion Centre, it takes a couple of minute to add events and it’s free to add an allocation of tickets to those events.

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