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How to sell more tickets to your events in Ibiza

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 06 Jun 2023
  • 10 min read

We’ll be upfront: Promoting events in Ibiza is tough.

If you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll know. Ambitious up-and-comers and established giants duke it out, vying for the attention of eager clubgoers. 

But don’t let that put you off. 

Appealing to a lot of people is tricky. But the fact they’re on the island? That’s an upside; you’ve got access to a concentrated amount of music enthusiasts ready to have a great time. 

So, with a bit of backing in the right places, you can be successful. That’s where Skiddle comes in. We’ve got a range of tools to help you give your events in Ibiza a boost, putting you in front of the right people and helping you get the ticket sales your event deserves. 

Whether it’s written content, targeted emails or help on social media, we’ve got it. 

Sound interesting? Read on to find out what we can offer to your events in Ibiza. We’ve thrown in two bonus tips, too. We’ve got you covered for this year’s season. 

Leverage Skiddle’s visitor base

Every month, a grand total of 6.5 million users visit our website in search of the best events.

That’s a lot of people. Better yet, you can leverage our audience to sell more tickets to your events in Ibiza.

But how?

By getting your event featured on our Inspire Me page, Ibiza Event Guide and our Ibiza Calendar.

The event guides, published every month, compile all the best events into one article. These articles are then added to our Storyly Bubble, similar to Instagram Stories, but with links to all our articles covering a specific topic.

Our Ibiza Storyly page

It makes it easier for people to find the events they want. The less time people have to spend searching, the more chance you’ll sell more tickets to your event in Ibiza.

When comparing January to May 2022 with January to May 2023, traffic on our Ibiza pages has risen by 22%. It’s worth noting that the season hasn’t finished yet, so this number will increase. Your events in Ibiza will undoubtedly get a boost when you list them with us.

A snapshot of our Ibiza Inspire Me guide

To get involved, speak to your dedicated Account Manager or our Account Support team.

Bring new people into your world with our marketing tools

Your event is like your baby. 

You came up with the idea and brought it to fruition, working hard every day to make it the best event out there. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking nothing else tops it.

So, when people haven’t heard of your event, it can feel like they’re living under a rock. We understand. However, it’s probably for the better that not everyone has heard of what you’re doing. Why? Because it means you can find them and bring them into your world. 

An example of how an E-Flyer looks in an Email client

Here at Skiddle, we have a tool that helps you do that: E-Flyers. 

They are emails with your event information and its flyer that are sent to people within a 20-mile radius. We send them to people who’ve attended similar events to yours, as they’ll likely be interested in what you’re doing. 

The benefit here is refinement. You’re limiting the number of people who will likely send news of your event to their junk folder, meaning you’ve got a better chance of attracting new attendees. 

Get a boost from our Social Media team

Skiddle’s Instagram page has nearly 40,000 followers. 

If you’re an up-and-coming brand looking to sell more tickets to your events in Ibiza, we can help you. 

An example of a post from our Stories

Every day, we showcase a selection of the best events listed on Skiddle through posts, stories and our highlights. We even signpost our followers to blog posts written by our content team. So, you can get the boost from being in an Inspire Me guide or an event guide and on our socials.

That’s people who might not follow your socials seeing your events and people coming to our website also seeing what you have to offer. It widens the scope of who is seeing your event listing.

Expand your network with reps

Our Reps feature lets people outside of your team to sell tickets for your event. 

That regular customer who hasn’t missed a night? They could become an ambassador of your brand, selling tickets and spreading the word about your events to their friends. In return, your reps can receive money, prizes or VIP access to your shows, depending on what you choose to offer. 

The reps feature is yet another tool built to assist in increasing sales and awareness of your events. In Ibiza, you’re in a place where lots of people know other people. They can spread the word about your event.

The Reps screen

You can even hold a pop-up sale with your reps. Find a spot, take to social media and sell tickets for a limited time. We’ll cover how to create urgency around your event later on, but this is an effective way to do it. 

Think of it as entering a new market. You’re spreading the word of your brand to people you might have never reached before, building your existing fan base whilst bumping up those all-important sales.

Want to know more? Expanding your network is just a click away.

Make your events in Ibiza look unmissable with UGC

UGC, short for User Generated Content, can help you sell more tickets to your events in Ibiza. 

If you’re an event brand with a few years under your belt, you’ll likely be able to find Instagram or TikTok videos posted by attendees. If you’re not already saving it, have a look for it. 

Once you’ve found something suitable like a buzzing crowd shot or the reaction to a popular tune, contact the original poster and get permission to use it. 

Once you’ve got permission, you’re good to go. All you need next is an enticing caption that will hook people in. Think something along the lines of ‘Imagine being in this crowd’ or ‘POV: You Secure Tickets for this Event’. 

The idea is to make your event look unmissable. Glossy and expensive creative is out, with lo-fi videos catching people’s attention more and more. A crowd shot or exhilarating track drop can cut through the noise of social media. 

But what if you’re a newer club night? No problem. You can still use UGC to your advantage. With permission, you could source content of your headliner from another event, and tweak the caption slightly. Instead of ‘Imagine Being In This Crowd’, it’s ‘Here’s What To Expect Next Month’. 

You’re using the same principle of attention-grabbing, authentic content with a twist. People will want a taste of what they’re seeing, and you’ll hopefully sell more tickets to your event in Ibiza. 

Create urgency around your event

In an ideal world, people would see an event announcement and buy tickets straight away. 

Don’t get us wrong: it does happen. After all, events wouldn’t sell out on launch if it didn’t. But if you’re looking to sell more tickets to your event in Ibiza, you’re likely appealing to people who need an extra nudge to click the buy button. 

You can do that by creating urgency around your events in Ibiza. 

A simple way to do this? Create graphics and get inventive. It might be a loading bar asset in the red or the number of tickets left for a specific tier.

You could post these as periodic warnings to your audience, supplementing them with short but eye-catching videos showing potential customers what they’ll be missing if they don’t act fast. 

Posting these assets on paydays is helpful, too. People are riding the wave of having disposable income, and they’re more likely to buy when they know the money is there. 

Suddenly, your events in Ibiza become more appealing to the customer, and the things you’re competing with — other events or a great auntie’s wedding — become less important. People will move faster when they’re given a nudge. 

Got a question you need an answer to? Give us a call on 03333010301 or ask us a question over on the Skiddle Promoter Twitter account by clicking or tapping on the button below. Alternatively, you can also find a list of our most frequently asked questions over at https://help.promotioncentre.co.uk/ 

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