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How to pitch for news stories on Skiddle

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 27 Aug 2017
  • 7 min read

Part of what makes Skiddle so useful for promoters is our content team and news section, and what makes us able to create such great content is the input of a multitude of promoters, PR agencies, writers and others who help us find the best information out there.

This blog post tries to go some way to explaining exactly what it is we’re after for this area of the website and to help people who want inclusion in it to provide us with the correct information (you can read what works on our social networks here). We’ve tried to get together the answer to the FAQs around this side of Skiddle, but if there’s anything not covered below please contact editorial@skiddle.com.

Please note the news and editorial section is not a service we offer for promoters – it’s an extension of our what’s on guide. Our content is based on what we believe our readership is interested in so any decisions made will be in accordance with that; even if you follow the advice here to a tee. We also can’t feature everything sadly due to resources, but utilising the tips below increases the likelihood of it being something we will feature.

Do you want your event listed?

We do not add listings requested via email. You can do this yourself; just set up an account at www.promotioncentre.co.uk. This makes managing the listing easy, allowing you to make any changes, additions or modifications instantly. You can also access stats and data about how many people have viewed the event as well as manage ticket sales through it. If you have any trouble with any of this, please feel free to give our Promoter Helpline a call on 03333 01 03 01.

We also have a dedicated Festival Guide which you can upgrade your listings too if your event meets the correct criteria – contact ste@skiddle.com in relation to this.

Do you want a news story published on Skiddle?

You definitely need to get in touch with us about this. The first thing to do is to figure out if it’s relevant – you can see all the editorial we create at www.skiddle.com/news. Our news is primarily (but not exclusively) focused on the events listed on our site, so include the event listing in the email if it relates to one, that way we’ll be able to answer your query quickly.

If it is not an event related piece of news, then is there an event on the site linked to it? If it is related to a musician or DJ look to see if they have an event on our site and include that link in your pitch. Then include details of the type of story you are looking for: news piece, artist interview, DJ mix etc. Previews of events aren’t as interesting as content led stories for our readers, so we’re more likely to snap your hand off if you can give us something that will excite the people who read it, be it the chance to speak to a headlining act or a fantastic prize (more on how to make the most of that below).

If you have SoundCloud links, artist profiles, press shots or anything else you think is important attach them, but don’t write an overly long email.

Who is best to contact?

If the pitch is related to live music contact Henry Lewis at henry@skiddle.com, and with all club news and dance music get in touch with Becca Frankland at becca@skiddle.com. They also deal with music led interviews for artists playing festivals within their genre, alongside Amelia Ward who is our Festivals Editor (available on amelia@skiddle.com).

If you have an account manager you can, of course, speak to them, but they will pass you onto the relevant editor.

I want to run a competition

Running a competition is a great way to get your event noticed, particularly on our social networks. We’ve rounded up a great way of doing those here, and again just contact the relevant editor once you’ve got an idea.

When should I contact Skiddle?

Depending on the nature of the event we can write as far as a year in advance, but generally speaking, the best time to contact us is six to eight weeks beforehand, particularly if you are discussing a piece of news that takes time (interviews, DJ mixes etc). If the event is less than a week away we’ll probably pass, so always try and contact us as far in advance as possible. We also get a large number of emails every day so leave two days for us to reply as well within this time-frame, but always feel free to chase us up.

I’ve seen an article on Skiddle and think I can help provide a similar one

First things first, thanks for noticing what we do – we already like you a little bit more for that. If you have read one of our news articles and think it’s something we could do for one of your projects, let us know. We’re much more likely to consider something if it’s directly relevant to the types of articles we normally create, so include the article link you noticed with your pitch.

I want to write an article on Skiddle

We’re always looking for more contributors. Head here to find out how to get involved.

If you’ve not yet got a promoter account with Skiddle, setting one up is really quick and easy. Find out how to get started here.

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