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Five Easter event ideas for the whole family

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 23 Mar 2023
  • 6 min read

Easter’s nearly here. It’s a time for people to eat delicious chocolate eggs and enjoy a weekend having fun with the family. 

The holiday is a lucrative one, too. According to a study carried out by Finder, Easter spending was projected to reach £892 million in 2022. So, we think it’s pretty certain that people will be looking for something to do.

In this article, we’ve got five easter event ideas for the whole family. From egg hunts to craft days and even daytime music events, we’re sure you’ll be able to find some event inspiration for the imminent holiday. Want to provide an event to the younger members of your community? Read on to find our picks. 

Easter Egg hunt

Ah, the good, old-fashioned easter egg hunt. It’s probably the first event that springs to mind when you think of the holiday. An event like this is versatile, too. 

Are you aiming your event at younger children? Make it simple, using signs with words and pictures to direct your attendees where to go. The idea is to help children to integrate and build confidence. Focus on the element of fun over the challenge. 

Photo: Tim Gouw / Pexels.com

For slightly older children, you can add a challenge. Consider adding riddles, clues or codes. The fastest team or person to complete the hunt could win an additional prize. 

Or, organise the event as a relay. You could have two teams, one member racing first to get an egg, tagging someone in when they return. Set a specific number of eggs to win the race, ending it when one team hits the target. 

Craft day

Craft days can be fun for the whole family. They’re a chance to get creative and inspire an artistic flair in the young people of your community. 

You could hold the event in a community centre or local library. Whichever venue you choose, ensure you have enough space to organise your stations. 

How can you approach an event of this type? Well, it depends on your resources. If you’ve got a lot, you could set up multiple stations in the venue, with staff assisting with various crafting activities. 

Or, you could focus on a smaller number of activities. Felt bunnies and greeting cards are just a few ideas you could focus on. 

We’ve written about craft-type events before. We always advise: If you can, collaborate with a youth group that can provide arts and crafts materials. The local area will benefit from two groups collaborating. 

Reading group

There is a range of children’s books with Easter themes. This easter, why not hold a reading day? It’s a light-hearted way to introduce the younger members of your community to the famed Easter Bunny. 

Photo: Kindel Media / Pexels.com

You could host this in collaboration with your local library. But it doesn’t have to be based solely on reading. After you’ve finished with the books, bring the Easter Bunny to your venue to meet and greet your attendees. 

And what does the Easter Bunny bring? Easter Eggs. Buy some eggs beforehand and have your Easter Bunny give them out to your attendees on the day. It’ll be a fun day for everyone involved. 

Daytime rave

We know what you’re thinking: a daytime rave for the family? With the kids? How does that work? 

It’s an event idea we really love. You can set it up similarly to a nighttime club night, too. Have a selection of DJs playing various genres throughout the day, offer some sensory activities to the children and let the fun commence. 

You’re catering to two crowds. The adults can hear some great music, and the kids get to have fun with the activities. However, you might need to source your own sound system. Safeguarding will play a part; ensure you have a stringent door policy to protect your guests. 

If you have the means to organise an event like this, it’s worth doing. You’ll be hosting an inclusive event where both generations get to have fun. 

Easter raffle

You could organise an Easter raffle as a stand-alone event or as part of any of the other events we’ve listed. 

When putting together the hamper, including things for the whole family. It could be a selection of small easter eggs or a basket with cake, chocolate, biscuits and an elderflower drink. It all depends on your budget. 

If you can, charge a pound for entry and donate the money to a local charity. It’s a nice way of giving back to a group doing great things in the community. 

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