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Bulk Edit your events, Managing Anxiety, Bank Holiday Listings & more

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 18 May 2023
  • 5 min read

We’re here with another edition of the Skiddle Update, our weekly rundown of all the exciting things happening here at Skiddle HQ. 

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So, what’s on the agenda for this week? Well, it’s mental health awareness month this May, so we’ll be showing you two articles we’ve published on the subject. Elsewhere, we’ve got a guide to our Bulk Edit feature, which can be found in the Promotion Centre. 

Sound interesting? Scroll down to read more. 

Promotion Centre: Work efficiently with our Bulk Edit feature

Our Promotion Centre has a lot of helpful features. Whether it’s tools to create your event listing or speed up your working day, there’s something there for every promoter. 

This week, we’re taking a look at the Bulk Edit feature. 

If you’ve got an event coming up with lots of ticket types, you might need to change the on-sale date or add more tickets. Doing that manually? Tiring. With the Bulk Edit feature, you can go into the listing and change them in half the time. 

It’ll help you work efficiently. Plus, you might as well save yourself time so you can pay attention to important jobs on your calendar. 

Want to learn how to use the bulk edit feature? Click here to find out. 

Blog: Managing Anxiety: Tips and Advice for event professionals

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

At one time, it would be unthinkable to have open conversations about how we’re feeling, with concepts like ‘self-care’ now a regular part of our vocabulary. 

That’s down to the tireless work of charities like Mental Health UK, who set up the initiative over two decades ago. 

We know the event industry is a stressful place to work. Tight deadlines, long hours and a blurring between work and play happen often. 

So, we’ve put together this article to help. It’s got several techniques to help manage anxiety, with links to places that can help you if you’re feeling the symptoms set in. 

Click here to find out more. 

Tips: Optimise your bank holiday listings

Another month, another bank holiday on the way.

We’ve had a lot of them lately, haven’t we?

The next bank holiday falls on Monday 29th May, so you’ve got time. With that in mind, here’s our ‘optimise your listings’ klaxon. 

One way you can do this is by paying attention to your short descriptions. 

A good short description includes specific keywords. You’ll have a better chance at ranking on search engines, meaning more people will see your event. So, make sure you’ve got the location, venue, genre and headliner in there.

Once you’ve got that down, you’ll need to make sure the description is between 100-150 words. This is important because it’ll open you up to Facebook retargeting, where we’ll serve ads to people who’ve seen your event and clicked away. 

By taking the time out to optimise your bank holiday listings, you can increase potential customers through SEO and re-targeting. That means more eyes on your event and a greater chance at success. 

Click here for more examples of best practices when it comes to short descriptions. 

Blog: What event professionals need to know about mental health

We’ve got more Mental Health Awareness Week on the way.

As we said earlier, the events industry can be a tough place to work.

In the following article, we’ve looked at the results of a survey asking event industry professionals about their experiences, suggested some ways managers and staff can help and given a shout-out to people doing great work. 

Think of it as a short guide to mental health in our industry. There’s analysis and actionable tips. 

Want to find out more? Click here to read the piece. 

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