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Announcing your event via our news section

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 13 Jun 2016
  • 3 min read

We’ve discussed the importance of getting your on sale process right in the past, but one of the key things to do is utilise our editorial team to create a news article specifically as an announcement. This isn’t something that works for every event, but if you’ve got something special lined up your sleeve – secured a very exciting live performer, have a clubnight hitting a big milestone, or your festival has a glut of names added to the line up– then releasing the news with us could be ideal.

Our editorial team can work with embargoed information to create a story which is ready to launch the second your event is; giving you the opportunity to release a news article announcing your event with a ticket link built in. When done properly these enable your audience to quickly get excited about an event much more than they would from a simple ticket link.

It’s common practice with big festivals, where line up announcements will all kick in at the same time and cause a bucket-load of hype and interest. Smaller events work just as well, as is the case of 303 in Liverpool. They let us know a few days before they announced the event that techno DJ Robert Hood would be making a rare appearance in the city in an intimate venue, and we prepared the story and made sure it was live just as they wanted to announce to their fans about the event.


The results were significant; the story had hundreds of Facebook shares within a couple of hours, helping them to sell well over half of their capacity in a few days – three months before the event was due to take place. The viral quality of the article added to the hype of the event, helping to create a big buzz.

Timing of this process is crucial – the news story works best as an announcement and needs to be delivered to your audiences as opposed to just an event page (the article will be ticketed so it still shifts tickets). If the news article isn’t the first thing they sees it lessens its impact at a later date.

We’ll always support the announcement on twitter, as well as in certain circumstances pushing on our other social networks as well. We can’t guarantee we will say yes to every request as well, but providing you let us know in enough time we will always consider them. For more information, get in touch with our editorial team.

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