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Amplify Your Music: Unveiling the Unique Ethos Behind London’s Latest Music Industry Event

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 15 Aug 2023
  • 9 min read

Ahead of the inaugural edition of Amplify Your Music, London’s latest music industry conference, taking place tomorrow evening at the award-winning venue, 26 Leake Street, we caught up with the founder, Alan Hughes-Hallet, to discover what makes this event, in particular, stand out from others and to learn what attendees can expect to find. Hear what he had to say below…

Amplify Your Music is a first-of-its-kind industry event held in London. What’s the ethos behind the event and what makes it stand out from other industry gatherings?

“Amplify Your Music is a groundbreaking industry event in Waterloo, driven by a unique ethos. We truly understand the challenges independent artists face – from creativity to self-promotion, to the enduring weight of financial and emotional strains.

“Our mission is clear: to create a haven where artists connect, share, and learn from fellow musicians and industry experts, championing grassroots talent. Unlike other gatherings, we are bringing together London’s independent artists like never before, dedicated to supporting their growth. Our vision is selfless; we stand to gain nothing but the satisfaction of helping artists thrive in an industry that often tests their resilience.”

The concept was developed by Farrago, ‘an artistic community providing creatives with the tools necessary to ignite their careers through events and much more’. Can you tell us more about the origin of this collective and how, apart from organising events such as Amplify Your Music, the team champions those in music?

“The genesis of Farrago starts with a Spotify playlist curated by myself and my partner Shona during the pandemic, designed to introduce friends to diverse genres and shine a light on emerging grassroots artists we had uncovered. As the playlist gained traction, artists sought to be featured, shedding light on the unmet need to uplift talents in an intensely competitive landscape. This realisation, coupled with unwavering support from friends, led to the birth of Farrago, marked by our inaugural event back in March 2022. Since then, we have orchestrated over 15 events across London’s varied venues. Our most recent gathering drew a crowd of 500, a testament to our mission’s resonance.

“Central to our advocacy is creating live performance opportunities within Farrago’s events, compensating artists well for their craft and connecting them with eager audiences primed to unearth new sounds. Expanding our impact, we’ve recently ventured into an agency scheme, unlocking avenues beyond Farrago’s confines. This covers performances at top venues, such as residencies at Ninety One, Living Room and Temple Of Arts & Music, corporate gigs, private events, brand-driven projects and partnerships that amplify emerging voices through strategic music industry alliances. To further extend our reach, we’ve also embarked on a podcast journey, providing grassroots artists with a dedicated space to recount their journeys and share insights.

“In essence, Farrago epitomises more than just event curation—it symbolises a commitment to nurturing talent, igniting careers, and fostering a community where creatives thrive and flourish.”

What can those who choose to attend this week’s conference hope to gain?

  • Connect and Collaborate: As an independent artist, you’ll have the chance to connect with fellow artists and musicians, forging meaningful friendships & bonds over shared experiences, fostering potential collaborations and maybe even finding your next band member.
  • Knowledge Exchange: The event will provide a platform for artists to engage in valuable knowledge-sharing sessions, interacting with peers and gaining fresh perspectives that can elevate their artistic path.
  • Insights from Industry Experts: Immerse yourself in talks delivered by seasoned professionals from the music industry, gaining actionable insights and advice that can empower you to make informed decisions.
  • Networking with Leaders: Rub shoulders with influential figures and leaders in the music industry, seizing the opportunity to expand your professional music network, and opening doors to potential career growth and advancement.
  • Discover Innovative Sponsors: Explore a variety of sponsors at the conference, each offering unique and valuable resources. Whether it’s the convenience of Book Your Booth’s studio booking service or the performance opportunities presented by GigRealm, you’ll find tangible value!”

    Unable to attend? Listen to the talks using the free live stream link here through Lounges.TV – https://lounges.tv/lounge/details/njnnY4ZevX

There are a number of panels and masterclasses scheduled to run across the one-day event. Is there a theme to these discussions? And are there any on the programme which, in your own opinion, particularly stand out?

“Each panel and masterclass is a must-listen for artists aspiring to thrive in this dynamic field, with each panel and masterclass offering a wealth of insights. These thoughtfully curated sessions collectively revolve around a central theme: empowering grassroots artists to navigate the complexities of the music industry with confidence. The discussions are tailored to equip emerging talents with the essential knowledge and tools required for success in an industry that can often appear e their path to recognition.”

Other than the aforementioned masterclasses and panels, what else can be looked forward to on the programme of this year’s event?

1. Exclusive VIP Networking Opportunity:

“For those fortunate enough to secure a VIP pass, a unique chance awaits. Network with distinguished speakers and sponsors while enjoying a complimentary drink. Limited VIP tickets remain, offering an unparalleled opportunity to connect with industry leaders in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

2. Engage with the Experts – Question Box:

“Have burning questions for our esteemed speakers? Look forward to the “Question Box” feature, where you can submit your queries directly. Speakers will provide personalised responses via email, allowing you to glean insights and advice from the best in the field.

3. Captivating Live Music:

“We’ll have captivating live music performances from two emerging artists to round off the evening, all made possible through the innovative ‘Apply To Play’ platform by Amplead!”

Among a host of other well-known music industry brands, Skiddle has lent its support by sponsoring Amplify Your Music 2023. How important is it to have this support and how has it benefited the development of the event? Looking ahead, are there any plans in the works for future Amplify Your Music events in London and further afield?

“The backing of renowned music industry brands like Skiddle is instrumental in making Amplify Your Music 2023 a reality. Their support enables us to create impactful events that empower the grassroots music community. And thanks to our sponsors, we were able to make the decision to offer tickets for free, enhancing accessibility!

“Looking ahead, plans are already in motion for Amplify Your Music ’24. We’re also exploring opportunities to expand the schedule and offer more innovative ways of creating an engaging and impactful experience for artists. While I’m bound by confidentiality to withhold further details, rest assured, we have exciting and ambitious plans for the upcoming year!”

Finally, if you had any advice to bestow on those here reading who might be considering running a conference of their own, what would it be?

“Ensure that each decision is aligned with the conference’s core ethos; by doing so, you’ll guarantee the attainment of its goals!”

Head here to buy tickets for Amplify Your Music.

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