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A Place that Matters…

  • By Dale Grogan

  • 16 Feb 2014
  • 4 min read

After what seems like an eternity (I believe it was June 2013 when we started looking), I am very pleased to announce that Skiddle Ltd now hold the keys to our very own office premises, in the new location of Longridge, outside of Preston.

Since 2006 we have based ourselves at The Watermark Studios in Preston. This rented accommodation has enabled us to grow, giving us room to expand as our staff levels and assets have increased, but now, as Skiddle approaches our 13th birthday, it is time to move onwards and upwards into our own freehold premises.

Although we have had many happy years at The Watermark, there are many reasons why now is the time to move. For starters, we have simply run out of room – now with 18 full time staff we are bursting at the rafters! Creatively we are ready for our own space, a space that reflects our ethos as a company and looks and feels as we do, with hopes of making the property as efficient and carbon friendly as possible, and finally financially it makes sense, rent after all is an expense that could be spent more wisely.

On Monday 3rd February 2014, we were handed the keys to the former Kingfisher Gym on Inglewhite Road outside of Longridge.

With nearly 5000 sqft of workspace, the detached property sits in a beautiful part of rural Lancashire, overlooking the Trough of Bowland whilst maintaining easy access to the motorway networks for our ever expanding workforce and visiting client base. There’s also 30+ parking spaces, and plenty of room to keep the Skiddle bus!

Needless to say, we’re very happy with our new purchase and now the real fun starts as we turn a former gym into our new World Headquarters. Inspired by many of the wonderful offices, tech centres and country houses we have visited over the years, we hope to create not just an office, but a place that matters to us and our team.

A place that can be enjoyed by everyone that visits, and if you excuse the cliché, somewhere that we can call home for many more years to come.

We hope to be in the new premises by Easter 2014, though with no definitive date at present. We have the plans, we are meeting the builders, and hopefully we won’t meet too many complications along the way.

I’ll be using the blog to keep you updated on progress, (and to remind myself of how far we have come) so if you have any questions or suggestions about our refurb then I welcome them all below.

It’s our biggest move to date in every sense of the word, and it’s something we are all really excited about.

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