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A Comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Pack for Promoters

  • By Rich

  • 09 Jul 2020
  • 6 min read

With dozens of different outlets and the news changing by the hour, it can be daunting to try to even keep up with it all. We saw the power of the music industry coming together for Let the Music Play, so now is the time to continue this momentum and support each other. With that in mind, the team at Skiddle have put together a comprehensive list of government resources, tips, news updates and more so you have everything you need to stay prepared. 

We aim to regularly update this list but if you would like to make a recommendation don’t hesitate to get in touch via Twitter @SkiddlePromoter. We’re here to help. 

Last updated: 02 November 2020

News & Guidance

We would recommend free Chrome plugins that monitor activity of chosen web pages to scan and notify you of any updates so you don’t have to worry about missing an update.

Here’s the pages we think are the most useful: 

  • Shameless plug here, but Skiddle’s promoter Twitter account will RT and comment on important news updates as it happens, so make sure you follow us as your first port of call for all things events.





  • The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has a ‘find my MP’ and pre-made email template for you to send to your MP asking for further business grants, action against landlords forcing out tenants in our sector and applying for ‘change of use’ for the properties, a commitment to our industry and the NTIA, and help in reversing the narrative around going out when it is safe to do so. It takes 2 minutes to complete.


Twitter has also become a prime source for news in real-time. We recommend following relevant accounts and enabling push notifications on your phone so you don’t miss a beat. If certain accounts are delivering unhelpful twitter updates you can always turn them off as and when you need to. 

Income Support






  • UK Music has listed all the income support available if you’re a business in the music industry, an individual working in music, in need of emergency funding or are in receipt of funds.


Skiddle’s Head of Finance covered the government’s financial support packages in detail here.



  • When it comes to diseases like COVID-19, insurers will constantly update their cover. Your insurance broker will specify what is not covered so make a habit of constantly checking for updates. 


  • Check insurance policies for communicable disease cover, but this must be in place before the pandemic took place, insurance brokers don’t offer insurance post-incident. 


  • Make sure future agreements have contingency plans in place. Make sure you have a specialist event insurance broker who can guide you correctly – look at their reviews, talk to other promoters you know and see who they deal with. 

Mental Health


In these trying times, we know mental health might not be your priority right now, but we encourage you to remember to take care of yourself because it’s just as important as your physical health! 

Skiddle has taken pride in championing mental health awareness for promoters throughout the years, that’s why we’ve made all of our previous mental health panels available on YouTube.





More mental health resources:


About Skiddle

Skiddle is The UK’s biggest What’s On Guide. We provide a free facility for event promoters across the UK to list their events online and sell tickets through our independent ticketing service. We offer contactless payments, Box Office Apps and more for your socially distant event. We’re also one of the only ticketing vendors allowing booking fee credit for customers to retain for future purposes. We’ve also extended our Cool:Off ticket cancellation period from 72 hours to 28 days to aid customers’ confidence in purchasing tickets – to find out more, get in contact with your Account Manager. 

We hope this guide provides you with enough information during a weird and uncertain time, but if there’s anything you’d like Skiddle to provide clarity on or you’re interested in using Skiddle for the first time for your outdoor event, let us know via @SkiddlePromoter and we’d be happy to help. We’ll meet again. x

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