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5 reasons why you should attend Skiddle’s Industry Drop-in

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 27 Jul 2023
  • 5 min read

Our Industry Drop-in event is fast approaching. It’s not long til August 18th, where we’ll bring together thought leaders, promoters and our expert staff to discuss all things events.

But we understand: there are a lot of events on sale at the moment, and it can be hard to decide which one to pick. 

With that in mind, we’ve put a quick list together with some reasons why you should attend. 

Think of it as a gentle nudge toward what we think is an event that’s set to be fantastic.

Meet some industry thought leaders

You’ll get to meet some industry thought leaders at our Promoter drop-in event. 

We’ve got talks from Will Power, the director of Lab11. The club has grown in reputation over the past few years, staking its claim as one of the country’s top nightlife spots. So, Will knows a few things about events, and he’ll be around to pass it all on. 

Alongside Will is Birmingham-based DJ and promoter Continental GT, who took the events world by storm thanks to his Instagram Live shows in the lockdown, which took off and led to him putting on knockout club nights. 

Last but by no means least is Michael Kill. Michael’s reputation precedes him and he has a wealth of events industry experience. This has seen him work alongside the government at local and national levels, eventually becoming CEO of the Night Time Industries Association. 

If you’re looking for innovative ways to promote your events, these are the names you need to listen to. Head here to get tickets and here to book your slot. 

Catch up with our Business Development and Account Management teams

Got an event coming up? 

Looking for event listing advice or how to get your ticket sales moving faster?

Our Account Management and Business Development teams can help. They spend most of their time assisting some of our most successful account, but when they aren’t, they’re researching the latest trends in nightlife. So it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about the events world. 

Account Manager Dan will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding event listings, and Business Development Manager Jack will be at Lab11 to talk with you about how Skiddle can help push your event brand out there. 

Head here to get tickets and here to book your slot. 

Expand your network

An ever-growing contact list will take you far in the events world, regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or a stalwart. 

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people at our Industry Drop-in, so it’s the perfect place to meet new people and discuss ideas. 

After all, some of the best collaborations have come out of the blue. So, maybe our event could be the breeding ground for your next big idea. 

It’s free to attend

You can’t go wrong with a free event. 

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve got some cracking guests lined up for the Industry Drop-in. 

Of course, we’re biased: it’s our event. But we think we’re offering a high-value experience. You’d usually have to pay a wedge for an event that gives access to such esteemed names in the industry. 

The location is fantastic

Lab11 is the jewel in the crown of the Birmingham club scene. 

We love Lab11 so much that we gave them the title of ‘Best UK Club’ at the Skiddle Awards in 2019. 

If you grab a ticket, you’ll get to chat with industry thought leaders and knowledgeable Skiddle staff in one of the country’s best venues, all for free. What’s not to love?

Got a question you need an answer to? Give us a call on 03333010301 or ask us a question over on the Skiddle Promoter Twitter account by clicking or tapping on the button below. Alternatively, you can also find a list of our most frequently asked questions over at https://help.promotioncentre.co.uk/

Skiddle Promoter Twitter

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