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5 creative event ideas for the coming festive season

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 01 Jan 1970
  • 6 min read

A lack of inspiration can be the death knell for promoters. 

The events industry is a fast-paced world, and without a spark of creativity, you could end up with a less than stellar run of events this festive period. 

The results? Lower sales, lower interest and less chance of achieving your goals for the forthcoming year. 

Luckily, we’re here to help. If you’re struggling for inspiration for creative event ideas for this Christmas and New Year’s, our article has five of them, which you can either put into practice, adapt or use as a jump-off point to get your creative juices flowing. 

We’ve kept it wide-ranging, so you’ll find event ideas which cater to clubgoers and families alike.  

Sounds interesting, right? Keep scrolling to discover our five creative event ideas for the festive period and get the lightbulb moment you need. 

Hold a festive open mic night

An open mic night is the perfect way to showcase a night of live music at your pub or venue. 

As we’re coming into the festive season, why not give your space a makeover and hang Christmas decorations on the walls and around the venue?

You could ask your performers to play a cover version of a Christmas song from any era. This gives your event a theme and is a little different to most open mic nights, which will come in handy when attracting attendees. 

Photo: 42 North / Pexels.com

When you list your event on Skiddle, consider offering a free, festive-themed drink with every ticket. Ensure that the drink is different to the selection you regularly have at the bar so there is an incentive to buy a ticket. 

Hopefully, you’ll have many happy attendees and a new selection of contacts to book at your pub or venue in the future. 

Tell Christmas stories with a drama group

Moving to something more family-oriented, why not partner with a local drama group to create mini-productions of classic Christmas stories?

From A Christmas Carol to A Christmas Story, there are lots of stories that can be reimagined for a new audience of children who are learning about the spirit of Christmas. 

Try to find a community space in your area that can help you organise an event like this and offer suitable refreshments at the event. If you can find a catering company that can assist you, even better. 

With an event like this, you’re serving your community and strengthening the links between local establishments. This is crucial for any event organiser or promoter. 

Throw a ‘Through The Years’ club night

While we cater to all types of events at Skiddle, we love a good club night. 

This festive season, consider hosting a club night where the music policy is music from each decade. Depending on what time your event begins, you could start at the earliest decade and end the night playing recent music. 

There is scope for creativity here. To capture the broadest audience, you could play the biggest pop hits from the 80s onwards. 

However, if you want to be a little more niche, you could play music from the house, disco and techno genres from the 70s to now. 

Transform your venue for a themed event

If you run a bar or a hospitality venue, you could transform the space and create a themed event. 

With this idea, your imagination and resources are the limit. You could go old-school with a 1920s speakeasy vibe, complete with smooth jazz, cocktails and flapper dresses or capitalise on the year 2000 trend with classic pop and neon colours.

Photo: Inga Seliverstova / Pexels.com

Encourage your attendees to arrive in fancy dress, take plenty of photos, give away a prize for the best dressed and encourage your attendees to tag you in any photos they upload to social media after the event. 

On Instagram, for example, you can add all the photos with your event tagged on your story. Then, save the story as a highlight so that it’s pinned to the top of your page for people to view. We think it’d make a memorable New Year’s celebration. 

Organise a Christmas bottomless brunch

As the British public begins to wind down from work, they’ll be looking to let off some steam before Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

So, what better way to scratch that itch than organising a Christmas-themed bottomless brunch? 

The bottomless brunch is a staple in the events world, with its simple concept making it easy to fit into any occasion. You could stack the menu with festive-themed food and special Christmas cocktails for your guests. 

The weekend before Christmas Day would be a great date for an event like this. It provides potential attendees with something different than the traditional Mad Friday celebrations, as well as giving people a reason to round up their close friends and have a great time. 

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