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How to link artist profiles to your event listing.

Date added: 11th Sep 2011

Quick tips on how to add a new event listing.

Date added: 12th Sep 2011

How to add a ticket to one of your events

Date added: 12th Nov 2012

Our standard procedure if you need to turn away a customer who has paid for an advance ticket

Date added: 4th Dec 2012

Full information on our automatic remittance procedure

Date added: 4th Dec 2012

What to do if your event is cancelled/postponed

Date added: 4th Dec 2012

This article will give you an overview of the Mixmag Promotion Centre - how to register, add your first events for both submission to the magazine and online events guide, and adding tickets to your events.

Date added: 16th May 2014

How to add multiple event listings in one go.

Date added: 6th Jun 2014

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