When will my banner be shown?

Added: 9th Apr 2014    Category: Expert Advice
When banners are booked through Skiddle, we agree a set number of impressions (views) of your banner. We also agree a time period for these impressions to deliver against.
To ensure your banner impressions are shown evenly over the time period, we use an external Banner Server system, which will spread the number of impressions over the day equally, based upon our traffic patterns. 
For example, if you have booked 3000 impressions per day, assuming that 80% of our traffic is between 9am and 9pm, we would show approx 200 banner impressions per hour during these times. The system has a multitude of factors which affect this, so on different days the distribution may differ, and this will be constantly adjusted depending upon how busy the website is.
Within each hour, those impressions are also spread out evenly. However this can never be an exact science, as the amount of traffic on the website can only be predicted using past traffic patterns, and due to various factors such as new events going on sale, this changes on a daily basis.
We also cap impressions, meaning that one visitor will only see your banner a maximum of 3 times per hour. This ensures more visitors see your banner, rather than one 'heavy user' seeing all the impressions.
I can't see my banner?
If you are trying to view your banner, there is usually around a 1% chance of seeing it for each time you refresh (1 in 100). As each banner is delivered randomly, you may see your banner quickly or it may take many refreshes to show. It may also be possible that if we've had an exceptionally busy period, the banner server may have already shown all your impressions for the current period. As such, the banner will not show until the next period (to avoid using all your impressions too early).
If you have already viewed your banner 3 times within the current hour, it will not show to you again until the following hour.
Please remember, there are a large number of visitors online at any time. If your banner doesn't show immediately to you, it's very likely that it will be showing to other visitors instead. Also, please remember that other promoter's banners may be booked in at a higher number of impressions, or they may be playing 'catchup' if they have shown less in a previous period.
Our banner impressions are recorded by our banner server, and any 'non-human' views/clicks are removed (ie search engines) and do not count towards your allocation. These figures are audited to be IA compliant to ensure they are accurate (they are not adjusted in any way by us) - you can monitor your impressions by visiting your Promotion Centre.
If you would like your banner to show more during any period, please contact your account manager and they can give you a price to upweight your campaign.

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