Bounce Till I Die

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Bounce Till I Die are the promotion team responsible for taking Wigan Pier on tour, they've used Skiddle for a number of years now and have developed a really strong cult following for their events.

Bounce Till I Die Skiddle Case StudyWhat they did before choosing Skiddle

Before using, Bounce Till I Die sold tickets to their dance events offline, in shops around the area which had proved a hit and miss strategy for them.

Why they chose Skiddle?

Like many event promoters, Bounce Till I Die took the plunge and started promoting events with Skiddle after we were recommended by a fellow event promoter - they've never looked back!

Which Services Do They Use?

  • RapidScan
  • Printed Tickets
  • Editorial
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters

What they say

"RapidScan makes our live so much easier, we just turn up an start scanning - there's no messing! Plus the printed tickets look great and getting them from Skiddle means the attendees buy their tickets in confidence." Ben Trengove, Bounce Till I Die

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