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Bitch EventsSkiddle has been working with Bitch Events for years, seeing them rise as the new kids on the block to become a dominant force in the dance scene.

Bitch are in demand, with them holding regular nights in the North West, curating stages at festivals and putting on events in Ibiza.

Why did they choose Skiddle?:

Bitch approached Skiddle because they wanted to work with an outlet that could give their events the type of visibility they deserved whilst offering the services of an established ticket agency.

How does Bitch benefit from using Skiddle?:

Services used:

  • White label ticket shop
  • Facebook integration
  • Featured listings
  • Advertising
  • Editorial
  • Printed Tickets

What they said:

“Skiddle are the best placed company in the industry to deal with our needs, we mainly operate monthly events and having a company like Skiddle taking care of our tickets takes a huge weight off our shoulders! Working with someone that makes your life easier is always a bonus and that’s the effect Skiddle has for us”  Ric, Bitch Events

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