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Mark Davis created Alfresco after becoming frustrated at the lack of quality family music festivals.

Speaking about Alfresco Davis said: “If there’s one place in Britain that deserves a great festival for parents and kids to enjoy together then it’s Blackpool. We've got an incredible musical heritage but end of the pier stuff isn't everyone’s cup of tea.

“I’ve got young kids myself and thought I’d give it a go. We were well over 2,000 last year and we’re aiming for 4,000 next time – tickets are flying so we’re right on track.”

What they did before Skiddle:

Before approaching Skiddle, the promoter used PayPal for online purchases and promoted the festival through their own channels.

Why they chose Skiddle:

The promoter decided to use a Paypal integration for taking payments, seeing the promoter taking on more of the transaction risk management process in Skiddle’s offering in return for more immediate access to revenues for cash flow purposes.

Having built up a large Facebook following, Alfresco wanted to make sure they had a stable and capable Facebook integrated ticketing solution. Having created the first Facebook ticket shop app and later the first Facebook timeline integrated ticket shop Alfresco were naturally drawn to our offering.

Services used:

  • PayPal payment integration
  • Facebook ticketshop
  • RapidScan

How has Alfresco Festival benefited from choosing Skiddle:

Freeing up the promoter’s time by making the ticket sales process much smoother than it had been historically has facilitated further development of the festival. Skiddle’s promotional tools have exponentially increased the reach of the event by creating awareness in a larger audience than the promoter had traditionally been able to get to.

What they said:

“Skiddle has the full package really. Setting up their ticket shop on Facebook is really easy and it’s a great tool. Knowing we have staff there on the day gives me a lot of confidence that everything will go to plan. The main benefit over other ticket agencies is the PayPal integration and knowing we can get at the funds when we need them.” Mark Davis, Alfresco Family Events

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