Adding a Facebook Ticket Shop

Added: 1st Jul 2013    Category: Social Media

To install a ticket shop on your Facebook Fan Page:


Adding The Ticket Shop

  1. Visit
  2. Click the blue button labelled 'Install Facebook Ticket Shop to your Fan Page'
  3. Select the page you'd like to add the shop to and click 'Add Now'
  4. You may be prompted to confirm the name of the shop, you can leave this as 'Sell Tickets' or give it a custom name if you wish

Configuring the Ticket Shop


  1. Once installed, click the 'Configure' link which will allow you to select which events show on your shop
  2. You can select which criteria you'd like - for most promoters they will select 'Show all events I've added through my Skiddle promoter account'. Enter the email address of your account then continue
  3. At this stage you may add a custom header image if you'd like to brand your shop, by selecting 'branding' at the bottom of the customise page, and uploading a header graphic
  4. You can also change whether events with no tickets are displayed, by using the 'ticket filter' link.


Changes are updated in real-time, click the 'View My Events Page' at the bottom to view your shop working!

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