Social Ticketing with the Skiddle Rep System

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Using Street Teams or Uni Reps to sell tickets has always been a popular way of boosting sales.

People love to invite their friends to events - and make great sales people - so incentivising them with commissions for each sale can rapidly grow your sales.

But it also comes with its own problems. Managing ticket distribution, trusting reps with books of tickets, reconciling sales against income and collecting the money can take hours of your time, and potentially leave you open to theft if not managed carefully

Once again, Skiddle has the answer. Our Rep system is an optional add-on to help boost your sales. We harness the power of viral selling but rather than you distributing paper tickets for sale, your ticket reps have unique trackable links which point people to Skiddle to buy their tickets. Once a sale is made, you can track which rep the sale should be credited to. You decide the commission, we help you recruit reps and provide you with the tools to manage your ticket rep network.

Get started by logging in at and clicking the 'sell tickets' tab then scroll down and click ‘get started with reps’. The first thing you need to do is select if you want to manually accept each rep, or automatically accept each rep. We strongly recommend you to automatically accept each rep – if it means more people promoting your event then why not?

Note: If you select 'Auto', we will automatically show share links to every customer who purchases tickets for your event, with details on how they can earn rewards. An example is below.

Message shown on checkout when you enable 'Auto' reps.


Next up, you need to set your commissions. The more you offer, the more likely people will sign up to become a rep for you. Check out what other promoters are offering here;

You need to set a commission for each different ticket type you have, don't forget when you add new ticket types!

Once this is done your event will now be on show to all of our reps who have signed up to use this service. You have the option of e-mailing your own reps too. Just pop in their e-mail addresses in the required field and send!

You can keep in touch with your reps by monthly e-mail. Why not use this option to give them tips of where to promote your event, how to do it, how often to do it and so on.

We will then pay your reps out of your ticket money. Your job is done and we will organise all the payments to your rep before we remit you your money on the Tuesday after the event. Easy!


Get Started with Reps


Explained in more detail...

Sales referred by Reps will function in exactly the same way as any other sale through Skiddle. If you've opted for eTickets the sales will be added to the same Door List as you usually use - so there's no extra steps required by you or your door staff. If you've opted for posted tickets, the tickets will be distributed by us in the usual manner. There really is no difference in how we handle a 'rep referred' sale to a normal sale, except for tracking.

You have a choice of offering your reps either a cash commission for the sale (eg £1 per ticket) or a bonus scheme (eg sell 10 tickets and get a free ticket for yourself). We find that cash commissions work well for lower priced tickets and bonus schemes work well for larger value tickets (such as festival tickets). The choice is yours, and you decide the level of commission. Remember that the more attractive the commission, the more motivated your reps will be to sell the tickets - don't be stingy!

You can either track the commissions and pay your reps directly, or we can deduct the commissions from your ticket remittance and pay the reps on your behalf. Either way you are entering into a direct agreement with the rep to honour the commissions or bonuses that are due.

You will have access to a rep leaderboard showing the top performing reps, as well as full rep stats. You can then set your own targets and reward top performing reps in any way you wish - for example you may wish to invite them to an exclusive event, or offer them free drinks!

There's also a 'Sales Log' showing the rep tracking for every sale which is processed after a rep link is followed, giving you full visibility.

Options available when enabling reps for your event:

  • On Auto: Recommended. Any applications to be a rep will be automatically approved. We'll also show a 'share and earn' box (shown above) on the checkout for all your event customers, encouraging them to share the links (and become a rep). You can still unapprove reps individually if you prefer.

  • On Manual: Reps will need to apply to be a rep, and can't earn commission until you approve them.

  • On - No New Reps: Rep rewards are still enabled for this event, but no new reps can join

  • Off: No reps can join and rewards are disabled.

Things to remember:

  • Ensure you have reps turned on for your event and you enable it each time you add a new event.
  • Ensure you have set commissions for each ticket you set up. You can do this when adding your ticket, under the 'Advanced options'.
  • Enable 'On Auto' mode for maximum visibility.
  • Customers cannot earn rep commissions by buying tickets themselves their own rep links.


Get Started with Reps 

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