When do I get paid for ticket sales?

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So, your event has run (hope it went well!), you sold lots of tickets, so how do you get paid?

Ensure we have your bank details on file

We need your bank details so we cam send you BACS payments. You can check whether we have your bank details filed against your account by visiting the Bank Details page. 

Remittance System

On the Tuesday or Thursday following your event, our remittance system will generate a remittance statement, outlining all tickets sold and calculating a total payment due to you - this will be emailed to you.

This statement will usually include all of your sales - the only exception would be if your event takes place on a Monday or Tuesday, as sales made within 24 hours of statement being generated are not included. These sales will be included on the following week's run (the delay is due to the time taken for card payments to reach our accounts)

The remittance statment will also contain a unique reference (starting SKTXRM) which will also appear on your bank statment, helping you reconcile payments.

Money will reach your account 3 days following the statement being generated.

To clarify:

Event on a Friday: Remitted on Tuesday, payment clears the following Thursday (6 days)
Event on a Saturday: Remitted on Tuesday, payment clears the following Thursday (5 days)
Event on a Sunday: Remitted on Tuesday, payment clears the following Thursday (4 days)
Event on a Monday: Remitted on Tuesday, payment clears the following Thursday (3 days)
Event on a Tuesday: Remitted on Thursday, payment clears the following Monday (6 days)
Event on a Wednesday: Remitted on Thursday, payment clears the following Monday (5 days)

Please note, after a bank holiday, payment will be delayed by 1 day due to the settlement of funds taking a day longer.

* Payment will include all sales made 48 hours or more before the remittance is run. Any sales made within 48 hours of the remittance will be paid on the next run.

How can I see how much I am owed or have been paid?

Using the Remittance Due page you can see all upcoming payments. You can also see past payments, including a full breakdown, by viewing the Remittance Paid page.

What if I can't find the payment in my bank account?

Firstly, please check we have the correct bank account! Your remittance statement will show the details of the account we have made payment to. If you have changed accounts and not informed us, please contact the bank in question as we cannot recall payment.

We do validate all bank details when they are entered into our system, but sometimes an account may be frozen or there may be an issue accepting payments. If this is the case then please liase with our support department and we can track if the payment has been returned to us.

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