Refusing entry to an event

Added: 4th Dec 2012    Category: Selling tickets online

There are times when you may need to refuse entry to a customer, due to reasonable grounds, such as health and safety. Please note, in cases of events reaching capacity, customers who have pre-purchased tickets should always be given priority over walk-up customers.

In cases of refused entry, customers will often contact Skiddle after the event asking for a refund, to which they are entitled if they did not enter the event. At this point, we would contact yourself for confirmation.

In some circumstances we may need to hold your event's ticket remittance for up to 7 days while we investigate these refund claims with you. This allows us to ensure we still hold the money to process the refunds if authorised.

This can be difficult, especially if the customer contacts us a few days later and you may not be able to remember who was turned away, and ultimately no promoter wants their ticket money delayed!

As such, our standard policy if a customer has already purchased a ticket through Skiddle, is that you give them an on-the-spot refund of the face value they paid in advance.

This ensures the customer is not out of pocket and reduces post-event complaints. There is no need to inform us if you have issued a refund on the spot and you will be paid the customer's original ticket money as part of your normal remittance. This ensures there are no delays in your payment.

If you are unable to refund the customer on the night, please ensure you keep a record of any customers you refuse entry to, and provide this to Skiddle the following day.


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