How banners work

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Banners are shown on every page on the site, so you can be sure your event will be promoted heavily - with your event details reinforced over and over again.

You can design the banner to fit in with your event branding, and we accept most formats. If the visitor wants more information, they simply click the banner to be taken to your event page, or your website.

Unlike many other websites, we don't change the banner after a few seconds. So once the banner is showing on the page, it will only change when the user moves to a different page - giving maximum exposure for your banner.
We support the following sizes of banner:

Leaderboard Banner:
  • 728x90 pixels (desktop)
  • 300x50 pixels (mobiles) 
  • 150kb max file size
  • Shown on every page of the site
  • A standard size so you can use the same banner as you use for other sites
  • GIF, JPEG images or Flash (SWF) files accepted
  • Approx 3,000 views per banner slot per day
Hotbox MPU:
  • 300x250 pixels
  • 150kb max file size
  • Displayed on the What's On pages, Event listings, News pages
  • Approx 3,000 views per banner slot per day


We can increase your banner's visibility from 3,000 impressions per day to 5,000 impressions per day. Prices vary accordingly and start from £99+vat for 2 weeks.
2 full weeks £99.00
3 full weeks £149.00
4 full weeks £190.00
6 full weeks £280.00
8 full weeks £350.00
8 full weeks+ POA

We cannot track how many clicks your banner has received. If you would like to track this, you need to add a clickTag to your design on your end before sending your artwork over.

Go to promote + publish to book a banner in or to receive a quote.

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