Creating Event Groups

Added: 30th Sep 2011    Category: Getting Started

Creating an event group allows you to build a community of people interested in your night/brand/festival, and pulls all your events, tickets, news articles, event chat and photos together in one place.

Event groups are a great tool to use if you have quite a few upcoming events under one brand. All customers that buy a ticket for an event tagged to your group will then be added to the group. This is a really useful way to keep all customers updated on anything e.g. line up or set times changes.

  • To create an event group on Skiddle you will need to log into your promotion centre, and click on the ‘get listed' tab at the top. From here, underneath 'event groups' click ‘add a new event group’.
  •  This will take you to a blank event group page, where you'll need to add a group name, a description with as much detail as possible about the group and a picture. Click ‘create this group’ to set it live on the site, it can be found when you hover over events on the skiddle homepage and click on ‘event brands’.
  •  Once the event group is made you can tag all your events by clicking edit on the event and scrolling down to the bottom, you will then see a list of all the groups, just click on whichever group(s) is relevant to your event. Please only tag your event in relevant groups otherwise your event will be suspended until it is untagged.


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