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Added: 11th Sep 2011    Category: Getting Started

Tagging artists in your events gives the customer a chance to see what music will be played, and find out more about the artists involved.

It also means that if customers are looking at an artist’s profile and like what they see/hear, they will see that he/she is playing at your event.

  • To tag an artist when listing an event, type in the first few letters of the artist in the 'DJs/Artists' box in the 'music' section of the 'add event' form. If we have an artist’s profile saved in our library already, their name will appear in the drop down list. Then simply click on the artist to add them to your listing.

  • If the artist does not appear in the drop down list you will need to click the 'Add a new artist' button. From here you can add details about your artist including name, twitter user name, soundcloud user name and a short biography.

  • Once the new artist is added they won't immediately be tagged in your event, the profile will need to be verified by our staff to confirm it is genuine information and to see if any more info can be added (so no need to worry if you don't know everything about your artist). New artists’ profiles are verified on a weekly basis.

  • If you need to update any info regarding an artist that is tagged to your event you can do so by clicking the 'Get Listed' tab at the top of your promotion centre. Then click 'artists', click on the artist you wish to update and click 'edit artist' on the left hand side.

  • If you are the artist yourself or the artist is a resident at your club and you don't want anybody else to be able to edit these details, you can 'claim' an artist by doing the same as above but click 'claim artist' instead of 'edit artist' in the menu on the left.

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