Waiting List FAQs

Added: 16th Dec 2016    Category: Expert Advice

What are the benefits of Waiting List?


Some events are in high demand, and there are more customers than available tickets. Waiting List helps manage this situation with the following benefits:

    • Tickets go to fans on the waiting list first, meaning there’s more chance of real fans getting the tickets.
    • If you add more tickets, we can instantly allocate them to waiting customers, so they sell quickly.
    • If you use our Re:Sell service, when tickets are returned, they will be instantly allocated to the next waiting customer.
    • You can view your waiting list and see how much demand there is.
    • Customer data for everyone on the waiting list is available after the event, so if you add an additional date, you can inform them easily.


What customer info will I have access to & where can I view it in the promotion centre?


Customers who add themselves to the Waiting List can be viewed in your Promotion Centre, by visiting your Event Overview page, then clicking the Manage Waiting List button on the left menu. You can view the customers on your list at any time. Contact details will also be available after the event has taken place.


I’d like to allocate you more tickets based on the number of customers on the waiting list. What’s the best way of doing so?


You can easily see how many customers are currently waiting for tickets, by checking your stats on the Event Overview page. You can the add a ticket allocation to match.


If I add more tickets, am I likely to see them all sold via the waiting list or is there a drop off?


We will notify as many customers as possible as soon as you add the tickets. Depending upon how long customers have been waiting, there may be a drop off if their plans have changed, but we anticipate a high take up.


What if I add a higher number of tickets than the number in the waiting list?


Once we’ve reserved tickets for customers on the Waiting List, any remaining tickets will be put on general sale to the public.


How are tickets allocated?

Tickets are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so customers on the top of the list will be notified first. If those customers do not buy their tickets within the allocated timeframe, the next customers on the list will be notified, and so on.


Can I disable Waiting List?

If you don’t want to run Waiting List for your event, you can disable it at any time using the Manage Waiting List menu on your Event Overview page.


 At what time are notifications sent?


Notifications will be sent to customers on the waiting list as soon as tickets are released. Therefore, you may wish to add additional tickets during sociable hours when customers are most likely to respond to alerts.


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