Adding multiple events

Added: 6th Jun 2014    Category: Getting Started

This article describes how to add multiple events in one go. The events added will share common information like event name, venue and opening and closing times, but each have individual dates and line-ups.  If you are just adding a single event, you are best using the add event form here

To add a listing to Skiddle you will firstly need to log in/register with our promotion centre at

Once you are on the home page of your promoter's account, click the 'Get Listed' tab at the top, you will then see a "Add new event button", and a text link next to it - Have multiple events to add? try our new multi event submission form - this is the link you need to click.

The top of our new form looks very similar to our existing add event form asking for these basic details -

Name of Event
Use a good descriptive name but do not include the venue, town or date

This is an auto-complete field, so as you start typing the venue name, it will search our database of 30,000+ venues, simply select your venue from the list.  If your venue is not in the list, click the  "Add new venue" link at the bottom of the suggestion list.  A popup window will appear for you to add the venue details into the system - see Managing Venues guide for help

Short description
This has to be a minimum of 75 characters and is your chance to give a little more info about your event to entice customers to click on your listing page. A few pointers:

- DO NOT USE ALL CAPITALS AS THIS IS INCREDIBLY HARD TO READ! Avoid using any words in all capitals full stop.

- You don’t need to include the venue name, time or date of the event as these are all clearly displayed already.

- Focus on the line-up, type of music, theme – anything to make your listing stand out.

- Listings are moderated daily and will be suspended if guidelines are not followed.


In the event details block you will see date of event and who's on fields.  Add the first date of your event through the date picker and add a description that's specific for that date.  As you type your artists the system will suggest matches in a list, if one of the artists suggested matches, click on their name and it will pre-fill their name and also add your event to their artist page on Skiddle.

To add more dates, simply click the "Add date" link at the bottom of the event details block, another row will appear for you to add the next date and artist information.



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