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When’s best to start promoting a New Year’s Event?

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 05 Dec 2022
  • 6 min read

The New Year’s period is one of the busiest nights of the year. Whether you’re promoting a music event, comedy show, drag event or themed event, it’s a chance to sell lots of tickets and deliver an unforgettable night to your customers. There is a lot of competition, as other promoters will be hard at work too. But with the right timing and some stand-out promotion techniques, you can ensure your night is a hit with attendees. 

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are always buzzwords here at Skiddle. However, with the volume of holidays in the lead-up to these two dates — Freshers, Halloween and Bonfire Night — it can be tricky to decide when is the best time to start promoting a New Year’s event. 

When events start to go live for these holidays, people do look at what’s happening over the New Year’s period. But timing is still important. You want to start promoting early enough to drive interest but not so early that you list the event when nobody is thinking about the New Year period. Listing too late means you won’t be able to promote the event effectively, and you risk your night getting lost in the sea of listings around this time. 

At Skiddle, we collect data on searches in the run-up to the New Year period. With this in mind, we’ve put together an article using the stats to give you an idea of when is the best time to start promoting a New Year’s event.

When do people begin to search for New Year’s events on Skiddle?

The search process for New Year’s Eve tends to happen in stages. Historical data shows the first phase, from September 1st to November 5th, is when people’s initial interest begins. 15% of all searches for New Year’s Eve events happen in this stage. 

Freshers Week, Halloween and Bonfire Night are all happening in this period, so promoters that are organising events for these holidays will focus their energy here. The same goes for customers too. Although, it is around this time people begin to think about what they might like to do over the New Year’s period. 

Credit: Mark Angelo Sampan / Pexels.com

The second phase begins on November 6th and runs until December 25th – Christmas Day. Halloween and Bonfire Night have passed, and while Black Friday and Cyber Monday occur in late November, promoters will offer discounted tickets rather than organising events celebrating these holidays. Christmas is on the horizon, which will take up a considerable amount of attention from both promoters and customers. 

The historical data shows that traffic and searches remain consistent throughout this time, with 47% of all New Year’s searches happening in this phase. 

The third phase runs from December 26th to December 30th. In the period from Boxing Day to the penultimate day of the year, searches increase considerably. Christmas is over and attention turns to New Year’s Eve, with the historical data showing that 27% of searches happen in this period, increasing day by day until the final day of the year. 

On the day of New Year’s Eve, searches go through the roof. Here, customers are often looking for a last-minute event to attend, and the historical data shows that 11% of searches happen on this one day. 

When do Skiddle’s New Year’s page views begin to increase?

Historical data from the Skiddle website shows that New Year’s Eve page views begin to increase from August. From August to September, there’s a spike in the numbers, with the data showing a 98.48% change in views across the two months. 

Then, the numbers continue to rise. October sees a 176.55% change from the previous month, while November shows a 258.75% change. By the last week of December, New Year’s Eve page views increased by 328% compared to the week before. 

When do Google searches for New Year’s increase?

In August, Google searches for ‘New Year’ are on the low side. Summer and festival season are in full swing, so it’s expected that people wouldn’t be looking for events en masse around this time. 

The figure shoots up in September, with a 275.33% change from the previous month. We’re moving into Autumn here, so it might be on people’s minds, but it’s worth remembering that Freshers Week begins in September, which may take up the bulk of searches.

Credit: Sarah Blocksidge / Pexels.com

There’s an increase as we move into October, with the data showing a 193% change. By November, the numbers have increased dramatically, moving into the twenty thousand. Finally, December sees a 193% increase from the previous month, with numbers hitting the seventy thousand mark. 

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